I'm a cage rattler. Change agent. Thought shifter. Sculptor of human potential.

With degrees and careers in human resource management, systems theory counseling, and educational leadership, I have the experience, insight, techniques, and, most importantly, the courage, to take you from crisis mode (and drama) to responding with intention and calm.

I’ll give you the tools and create the perception shift you need to redefine problems and find the power within you to address problems, regardless of what someone else is doing. 

I want more for you.

I want you to stop living smaller than you are capable of.

I want to liberate you (and your organization) to live in your fullest potential.

Where does this passion come from?  A brutal appreciation of time. The finite amount that we have of it. Day after day, I see the squandering of time. Not just through our smart phones. I mean the wasting of our potential. Of our happiness. Of our opportunities to leave this world better for having had us. Of the legacy we leave on this planet. Our unique footprint.

What does this have to do with my story?  I’ve lost friends to accidents and disease. My father died at 45, my mother and step-father at 69. Through medical mysteries, mishaps, and bad choices on my part, I’ve faced death several times in my relatively short life. I've seen people take themselves way too seriously....and squander their success and peace of mind as a result.

dr. bridget cooper

What did I learn?  The only way to value our finite time is to live life large. In your career and in your personal life. To refuse to settle for a life less than abundance. For me, it’s not about the money you earn, it’s about the effect you make on others and the world. We are all going to die: There’s no way out alive.

What you do with the time you have here is what matters.  

Take risks. Live authentically. Be real. Find yourself.

Share your gifts. Be vulnerable. Show compassion. Face challenges. Create peace. Be inspired. Do good work.

You know where to find me...


Dr. B   



Dr. Bridget Cooper is an experienced and dynamic speaker, facilitator, executive coach, and leadership consultant.  Her drive is to help people to be passionate about their work and to reduce unproductive conflict so that they will propel their organizations toward success, create healthy work climates, strong and positive working relationships, and happier clients and customers. 

The bestselling author of 5 books, Dr. B brings her down-to-earth insights and action plans to clients and audiences, facilitating powerful change and transformations in work and life satisfaction. 

She has conducted seminars, retreats, and keynotes for numerous organizations and associations including: Aetna, United Technologies Research Center, L-3 Technologies, Conference of Court Public Information Officers, Draeger Medical, Allied World Assurance Corporation, Girl Scouts of Connecticut, George Washington University, USA Weekend, Vietnam Veterans of America, Connecticut Judicial Branch, EMJ Construction, Business Women's Forum, Greater Hartford Women's Conference, Department of Defense, ComputerShare, WirelessZone, United States Air Force Reserves, Clark Lavey Benefits Solutions, Connecticut Society of Association Executives, Connecticut Boards of Education, BIG (Believe, Inspire, Grow) of Connecticut, Junior League of Washington, Connecticut Associated Builders & Contractors, CT Non-Profits, Hartford Dental Society, American Massage Therapists Association, CT Community Providers Association, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce, Bethany College, and American Case Management Association.