Dr. B....Change strategist. C-Level Exec Partner & Consultant. Speaker. Coach.  Bestselling Author.

Are you looking to invest in your team? Someone to energize your organization? Someone to remove the distractions and tensions that are slowing your team down? Want a fresh framework for conquering old problems? Need someone unafraid of conflict, who can take on the political & power struggles that are holding your company back? Need advice? Direction? Smart & perceptive perspective? Truth that only an "outsider" can deliver, with tact? Looking for a keynote to deliver a message conveyed with heart, humor, and passion?

Here are a few of the ways I've served my clients during over a dozen years in business:

"Dr. B did an outstanding job presenting at our annual meeting. Her energy and message was fabulous and our whole management team and board of directors are reading her book, 'Stuck U.' Her discussion on change really hit home with many members of our team. Would recommend her to any group."

"Dr. B is delightful when getting the assignment done. Her unique style, quirky humor, and direct manner is exactly what was needed. Everyone enjoyed your energy and the message was solid. Thank you, Dr. B, for an entertaining two hours!" 

"Great return on investment! Dr. B spent several hours through several days meeting with stakeholders and planning the best approach for the best outcome. When game day came, a full-day session for 30 corporate employees/managers/leaders, Dr. B delivered. She removed the tensions, re-established open communications, and lit a fire under my team. We work harder on our own now, produce more, and collaborate much better. People are in better spirits professionally and inter-personally. " 

"Dr. B was great. She was engaging and her message was well-received throughout the group. We would definitely have her again within our national company." 

"Dr. B does her homework with the staff and board prior to our retreat which makes her retreats very effective. She brings a great balance of experience, creativity, and a sense of humor, all which have shown results." 



Does your division need to work better together (and with others)? Do you have a new leader that needs to be assimilated? Have a culture that could use a shift or a full overhaul?  I'm a change strategist, strategic goal deployer, and high-level conflict expert.




Need to make your conference fruitful & unforgettable? I deliver passionate, engaging, & thought-provoking keynotes to audiences large & small, young & seasoned, techy & free-spirited, conservative & edgy. 


I conduct custom-designed and turn-key workshops for a variety of groups, nation- and worldwide. My most popular topics range from communication and conflict to higher productivity and employee engagement. 



For individuals, teams and problem "pairs."



I can help your company form missions, goals, strategies & establish a powerful and effective team.



Creating, implementing, and supporting change & leadership assimilation



Ask me about this if you have one or more divisions pointing fingers & tearing your business into shreds. 


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