WWBD: What would Dr. B Do?



Welcome to my advice column, WWDBD: What Would Dr. B Do?

Every day I get paid for my counsel, to provide thought shifts that change lives for the better. In this column, I’m giving that away for FREE! 

Have a problem that needs a solution?  What predicament (personal or professional) would you like me to weigh in on? 

I give amazing advice on things like:

  • Handling a crazy co-worker, boss, family member, or friend
  • Letting go of unhealthy relationships & situations
  • Resolving conflict
  • Surviving stress
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Managing time
  • Finding your confidence
  • Creating organization in your space/life
  • Realizing your goals
  • Overcoming trauma & abuse
  • Writing (& COMPLETING) a project (including a book!)

Click the link below and send me your predicament or question. It’s THAT easy! 

I promise I won’t publish your name or identify you in any recognizable way. It’s a double win because YOU get relevant, useful advice and OTHERS benefit from it, too, when they read this column! 

C’mon…..I can’t WAIT to hear from you (click here). Together, we can bring power, innovation, clarity, and LIGHT into the world. Thank you for standing in the light with me.